“These two books are a welcome addition to the jazz educational library, they pick up where the Slonimsky book leaves off!!! Hundreds and hundreds of interesting and very challenging exercises covering a multitude of harmonic and intervallic non tonal and pan tonal  structures. An excellent source of many chromatic ideas and literally thousands of convoluted, new, and fresh sounds for the jazz pianist to sight read and experiment with. These are truly cool patterns and advanced studies in tonal and non tonal areas. You will not be disappointed. Highly recommended.” 

Richie Beirach

"Every era’s pianists have written Studies and Etudes to support their technical discoveries. Tonino Miano’s exercises are to Debussy and Ligeti what the Hanon exercises are to Beethoven and Mendelssohn. Playing the whole-tone exercises is a true immersion into the world of the French Impressionists! These books should be a part of every pianist’s library. They will help form the technical and aural basis for the piano repertoire of the 20th century – Debussy, Schoenberg, Bartok, Prokofiev, Ligeti, Messiaen, Carter... The technical challenges of Volume II are formidable, but they open the mind and the ear to multiple possibilities. Volume I is more traditional in form (parallel hands, opposing hands, etc) but the interval combinations make it constantly challenging and surprising.”

Frederic Chiu

“A mighty work. An absolutely excellent second volume, with truly remarkable and outstanding references to diversified rhythms, repeated notes, different types of attacks, dodecaphonic studies etc. Everything is exceptionally well organized. Personally I would have preferred a leaner first volume, but overall an accurate and exhaustive work by a musician of broad vision."

Massimiliano Damerini